Great Man for a Great City – A Note from Jeff

We would like to take this opportunity to thank so many people. My dad passed away on Friday March 23, 2012. We started writing Thank-You notes a couple of days after the funeral and realized we could not begin to write one to each person because we had so many people reach out to our family. My dad would have been so embarrassed had he heard you, our neighbors, talking about how he inspired you and how you loved talking to him.  Dad was undoubtedly the most humble man I have ever known. He never thought he did enough and was always amazed when people patted him on the back for his business and his caring personality.

My grandparents came to Griffin in the late 1920’s,Griffinwas all Dad ever knew or wanted. He loved the people here and was always proud to tell people where he came from. When we went on vacation, he could not wait to return home to go back to work for his friends and neighbors.  The outpouring of sympathy, well wishes, hugs, food, and kind deeds have certainly opened our eyes to how much Dad was thought of. We are very fortunate to be living among the kindest people in the world; each thought and deed has not and will not be forgotten. Dad would be overwhelmed, thankful, and proud of the outreach everyone has shown. It means so much more than we can express in words.


Thank-You Griffin,

Jeff Griffith and Family